If you are interested in broadly defined Memory issue in various fields of art and science, this the right place to explore! With this Blog and the Facebook community I want to build a communication platform/ mind laboratory- a room for discussion, constructive criticism and mutual inspiration for further works and actions. Also, a valuable source of information from the world of philosophers, scientists, artists  to our everyday life, our small and big projects, our dreams and visions, and the other way round.

I want to encourage you to publishing your work on the blog instead of having it hidden away in the bottom drawer… I want to help you in reaching a wider audience and invite people to discussion and co-creation. If it succeeds,  maybe we will publish our materials in a form of a book in the future? Brainstorming, creating a new value together, bringing ideas and thoughts to life – it brings a lot of joy, satisfaction and well-being. And good memories… So let’s try!

I warmly invite you to explore this site and wish you a pleasant experience. Your comments and participation in the development of this page will be much appreciated! If you like it, please don’t hesitate to recommend it to your friends.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and I hope for a fruitful collaboration!

Take care,



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