In Memory of the Fallen
71st anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

The Polish resistance Home Army decided to start the rising to free the capital from under the Nazi occupation at a time when the Soviet Red Army was approaching Warsaw from the east on its way to Berlin. However, on Stalin’s orders the Soviet offensive was stopped and Warsaw was left to bleed to death. Before the Soviets finally captured the city in January 1945, the Nazis had demolished most of the buildings and infrastructure. The communist propaganda celebrated the 17th of January 1945 as a Liberation Day. No comment. The Soviets did not have long to conquer the city as most of the Nazi troops have already left. The Red Army went into a dead city. Stalin couldn’t expect a greater gift …

Archaeology of Memory

War is a nightmare, a catastrophe, a tragic end of life of many beings and the whole environment. World history and national stories always emphasize the dark side of the war – hundreds and thousands of victims, cruel fights on the battlefields, use of military force, the sacrifice of people, the martyrology of country, the shed blood for a good cause, etc… The war is the world of death. May it have a bright side of life at all? Some of images from the movies presented below may induce us to give a positive answer. The historical footage was recorded during the World War II in Poland.

 “Warsaw Uprising”

Warsaw Uprising is a 87-minute film, directed by Jan Komasa and produced by the Warsaw Rising Museum and the Polish Film Institute. It is probably the world’s first war documentary film made entirely from historical footage. It uses authentic newsreels filmed in…

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