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The site consists of the following pages: About, Philosophy, Art, Science, Library. Each page contains several sub-items, which help organize the content in a clear and intuitive way, both for the admin and for the visitor. All Posts, Articles and other means of expression will be displayed in Blog.

About – just a few words about myself and my vision regarding this blog and the Facebook sister site. It contains three sub-items: Context, Content and Contact with contact details.

Philosophy  was conceived as a theoretical basis, because every time we want to explore and describe a thing or phenomenon, we ask philosophical questions, whether we like it or not. It contains Thinkers sub-item with links to interesting philosophers and Quotes sub-item with links to inspiring statements.

Art was conceived as a room of all kinds of Artists and different means of expression. It consists of the Artists sub-item with links to their portfolios directly and Artworks sub-item with links to interesting, extraordinary, unique pieces of art, like various visual artworks, graphics, virtual exhibitions, movies, music, installation, perfomances etc.

Science – is dedicated to different kinds of Academics and all other Creative Individuals to rely on their experience and knowledge while conducting your own research, while looking for some inspiration or direct contact. It contains the Academics sub-item with links to their homepages/ university pages.

Library  is composed of three sub-items: Books, Journals and Scientific Papers. Here you can find links to quoted authors, books, magazines and any other free publications available on the network.

Publishing & Language

Although I am not an English native speaker I decided to build this page in English and maintain it in English, to gather a larger audience and to find people willing to share their work with others in English, which is today one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

I very much hope that this will encourage more people to publish their posts rather than discouraged. If you do not feel up to writing in English, still you want to share your thoughts with others, please do it in your mother tongue but prepare an abstract – a brief summary of your work. This will give us at least a glimpse of your ideas.

Please do not format the text and do not make automatic numbering of chapters, subsections, etc. If applicable, please also provide a bibliography or/and give references. This will enable access to the source. Please respect the copyrights (PL, EU, EFTA Dz.U. 1994 Nr 24 poz. 83).

Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx, Maximum upload file size: 10 MB

Thank you!




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